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Artisan story

Beneng is the name of a hamlet in the village area of ​​Getakan, Banjarangkan District, Klungkung Regency, Bali Province. The majority of Beneng villagers are farming and gardening. However, the development of the village has resulted in less land for farming and gardening. So that most men have to urbanize to make a living. But in reality, what men produce has not been able to meet their daily needs, thus forcing women to look for jobs around the village. The jobs that are a mainstay of women in their daily life in Beneng village include construction workers, agricultural laborers, and making handicrafts such as trays or baskets for religious ceremonies.

This background is one of the driving factors in how we intend to move with them to create “options” for us that did not exist before. Through collaborative activation with the Beneng women can create new opportunities that can provide mutual benefits. The activations that we have carried out have yielded satisfying results, including being able to involve the women of Beneng village in every stage of the production of collaborative works now and in the future.


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