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Artikela set of multi-purpose bamboo laminated basket [NATHA]

a set of multi-purpose bamboo laminated basket [NATHA]

Japanese people have a deep affection for bamboo products. From ancient times, bamboo handcrafted tools were produced and used in people’s everyday lives all over Japan. It is said that it is a material that suits Japan’s environment, due to having just the right amount of hardness, being easy to make things with and, most importantly, being easy to get hold of due to its rapid growth. This multi-purpose basket set is endowed with a bamboo charm that you do not find in Japan. The square shape is distinctive and the idea to have two differently sized baskets nesting in it is original. While we cannot immediately think of what we would use them for, the appearance is balanced and beautiful. We also liked its appearance when it was placed on the floor. The way it was weaved together and put together also created a good impression. Th opening surface was like a Japanese lattice door, and the way of seeing what was inside was also quite moving.

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